True Story

Our van in 2005

The van of secrets (Photo: Julia Ozab)

It happens all the time, so much that it’s become a cliché. Someone tells you about a strange, funny, or downright unbelievable occurrence, and prefaces it by saying “true story.”

Here is one of mine.

True story. Our van has several concealed cupholders that we have randomly discovered over the last four years.

We’ve been very happy with our van—when we bought it in 2005 for $10,000 it had less than 26,000 miles on it, and it’s been reliable transportation ever since. The one flaw was its seeming lack of cup holders. Just one—in the center divider between the front seats. We bought a second one at a auto-supply store to hang off the passenger-side door, but it never stayed on. So we managed, all the time saying “I wish we had another cup-holder.”

Then one day, about four years ago, Julia says to me “you know what would be nice? A cup holder right here.” She pulls out the ashtray and out flips two matching cup-holders, one on each side. We’ve laughed about it ever since.

Then, just a couple of weeks ago we were hauling some stuff over to a garage sale at a local church. As we pulled a tote off the middle seat, it caught on the outside edge and out flipped another cup holder.

Now we’ve owned this van for eight years, and we’re still finding cup-holders. And there’s a matching one on the other seat. Our van also has a back bench seat which we keep in storage. Probably includes more cup-holders. Heck, I’m at the point where I’m expecting to find more.

I’m not sure what the point of this story is. Is it s a metaphor about life’s unexpected surprises? Or perhaps it’s about how you never really know someone even after many years together? Or maybe it’s just that somewhere there’s a car designer who’s obsessed with hidden cup holders?

All I know is that it’s a cute, funny story. And it’s true. Take what you want from it.

Pooh Bear in our van.

Another “true story” for another time. (Photo: Julia Ozab)

P.S. I just spotted two more cup-holders!

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