She is Our Star

Our Star - Anna

She is seven and a half. She insists on adding “and a half.”

She is in second grade—starting a new school, and settling right in.

She isn’t shy. She’s never been shy. Even as a baby, she never had stranger anxiety.

She never thinks about the tiny scar on her lip from her cleft lip surgery. Neither do we anymore. No one else even notices. She has never been self-conscious about it, or about anything else.

She loves purple, and pink, and blue, and red, and green, and orange, and black, and … She tells me she has twelve favorite colors. I think she just likes color. She is very colorful.

She talks. All the time. Even when you can’t understand her. She has apraxia of speech. She’s a lot more understandable than she used to be, thanks to years of speech therapy. She gets loud sometimes. She can’t quite control it

Sometimes she gets very loud or talks very quickly. We have to remind her to slow down and use an “inside voice.”

She loves the Oregon State Beavers.

She loves her make-believe dog Betty.

She loves her real guinea pigs, and she loves to take care of them. She loves Grandma’s kitties, and loves to visit them whenever she can.

She loves her toys, her stuffed animals, and her brand new dollhouse that she paid for with money she raised selling toys she’s outgrown at our last garage sale. She loves that she bought it herself.

She loves school, reading, learning, and science.

She loves us. We love her.

She is our star. And there is nothing we wouldn’t do for her.

“Our Star – Anna” Apraxia Walk badge designed by Kathleen Harris and Julia Ozab. Read more about the 2013 Walk for Children with Apraxia of Speech here and if you’d like to contribute to Team Anna, click here.

Five Minute Friday

2 thoughts on “She is Our Star

  1. Ah David, why did you have to make me cry so early in the morning? LOL. What a beautiful tribute to your dear sweet Anna. She’s adorable. You have no idea how much she will appreciate what a blessing you are to her as she gets older. I speak from experience because I have a great Dad and I adore him.

    Thank you for sharing Anna with us today. God Bless You.

    Cassandra from Renaissance Woman.
    Visiting from Five Minute Friday.


  2. Now, I want to meet Anna-badly! What a wonderful tribute to her! What a gift that you get to be home…so many dads don’t get to do that and I just know your daughter is being blessed by this. Love your post-thank you for sharing!


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