Bloggerhood Etc. 9/16/13

Peyton Manning behind 160 lb linemen in Madden 25

Image: Jon Bois

Here we go ’round the Web …

Funniest.Breaking Madden: Peyton Manning and his offensive line of 160-pound twig-people” by Jon Bois at SBNation.

For over a decade, the elder Manning brother has been a Madden god. Let’s destroy him.

In a valiant effort, Peyton still throws for over 200 yards in a hopeless cause. And his head stays attached, so at least it’s a moral victory.

Favorite New Dad Blog. Dad of Steel. Jason Grodan, administrator of the Christian Dads Facebook Group and self-described “ultimate Superman fan” launched his blog last week. Stop by and say “hello.”

Best Reason to Speak Ill of the Dead.Was Salinger Too Pure for This World?” by Joyce Maynard in the New York Times Sunday Review. The greatest artistic achievements don’t let you off the hook for being a letch. Human decency trumps all.

Weirdest.The process: Making a Jell-O mold of Nick Saban’s face” by “Spilly” at SBNation.

Best Advice.Giving Yourself Permission to Create,” a guest post by Ashley Larkin at BibleDude.Net.

Most Intriguing Project.First Nations Version of the Bible: Check this out!” by Kurt Willams at The Pangea Blog.

Best Tribute.Calvin & Hobbes’ Daddy Bill Watterson Proves Why Stay At Home Moms and Dads Rule” by Andrew Kardon at Mommy’s Busy, Go Ask Daddy (via

And in a perfect ending to the week of 9/11 remembrances …

Best Video.Striking Time-Lapse Captures Progress of One World Trade Center!” at WeAllSupport.Com (via YouTube).


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