Bloggerhood Etc. 9/2/13

Redskins players dressed as the Jamaican Bobsled Team

Photo: Washington Post (via @JLeRibeus)

Best Photos. “RGIII, Redskins players in costume for ‘Island’ theme party” by Sarah Kogod in The Washington Post’s DC Sports Bog. I gave Kogod a hard time last week for a second-hand gossip piece on RGIII. She partially redeems herself by sharing great photos like the one above. No, it’s not journalism either, but at least it’s harmless fun.

Best Parenting Advice. “Teaching Kids Right From Wrong” by Dennis A. Daniel in MAN UP! A Practical Guide to Being a Dad. Maybe the most important responsibility for all parents.

Best Take on a Media Train Wreck. “Let’s not let Robin Thicke off the Hook” by Jim Higley at CNN Parents. One dad to another, summarized. “What the hell were you thinking?”

Most Touching. “School Love” by Tori at Jake’s Journey to be a Little Man. The first day of school is scary, especially for special-needs parents.

Biggest Oops. “Obama Should be Courting Congress, not U.N.” by Jonah Goldberg (his nationally syndicated column printed September 1 in the Eugene Register Guard).

(T)here is a deliberative body that has significant moral, political and legal authority when it comes to the conduct of American foreign policy. It’s called “Congress.” You could look it up.

But the president asked Congress for authorization. On August 31. You can look it up.

Most Moving. “With Parade, Newtown Reflects ‘How We’re Healing'” by Christopher Sullivan at The Associated Press (syndicated nationally). A powerful profile of a community working through unimaginable grief.

Best Schadenfreude Moment. “The Dallas Cowboys are Trying to Kill Me” by Andrew Sharp at Grantland. The grief of being a bandwagon fan when the bandwagon broke down a decade ago. Ah, sweet music!

And finally, since today is Labor Day and many kids will be returning to school tomorrow, here is the Best Back-to-School Video Ever.

“Sit up straight and pay attention! And do push ups!”

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