Bloggerhood Etc. 8/12/13

A perseid streaks across the sky

Photo: Thomas Grau,

Another week around the blogosphere. Here are some highlights.

Best Meteor Shower. “Peak of Perseid Meteor Shower” at Cute Calendar. Also the only meteor shower. It peaked early this morning and will continue through August 14.

Best Comic. “Students” by xkcd. Every college graduate has this dream. Lately, I’ve had a variation where I’m teaching a class in a subject I know nothing about and try to teach myself in an hour. It’s usually some kind of advanced, abstract mathematics. The weirdest part—in the dream, I think I can pull it off.

Most Encouraging. “Don’t Give Up” by Michael Woods at Not Alone: Finding Faith and Friendship for the Special Needs Journey. A short, poetic devotional for special needs parents.

Best List. “Top 10 Parenting Hacks” by Adam Dachis at Lifehacker. Lots of good advice and good links.

Favorite Back-to-School Series. “Taking Apraxia to School” by Leslie Lindsay at Speaking of Apraxia. Leslie is running a similar back-to-school series on her other blog—I featured it last week— but this one is specifically for apraxia kids and parents.

Best Question. “Discipleship: The Human Face of Jesus” by Natalie Trust. “Are you reflecting the face of Jesus?” Another beautiful post from Natalie.

And saving the best for last, because this is just stunning.

Most Likely to Restore Your Faith in Humanity. “OMG! Best Use Of A Billboard I Have Ever Seen” by Ray Flores on Upworthy. Disregard the “OMG!” and just watch the video (via YouTube)—this is extraordinary.


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