Five Easy Ways to Improve a Turkey Burger

Turkey burgers on BBQ grill

Photo: Shutterstock (via Google Image Search)

Summertime is barbecue time. (I should know. I was just at one Sunday.) And burgers are a staple of any barbecue. If you’re trying to eat healthy like we are, you’ll want to make turkey burgers instead of beef. Get 93% lean ground turkey, which gives you just enough fat that the burger won’t be dry, and trying adding something to the meat before—or while—cooking to give it an little extra.

Here are five easy ways to improve an otherwise ordinary turkey burger.

  1. A1 sauce – 2 tbsp – for a great tasting steak burger.
  2. BBQ sauce 2 tbsp – for a not-so messy barbecue burger.
  3. Maple seasoning – 1 tbsp – for a slightly sweet maple burger. This is my personal favorite—I make these all year long.
  4. Mesquite seasoning – 1 tbsp – to enhance a wood-grilled burger.
  5. Add mustard while cooking – grill one side, spread mustard on uncooked side, then flip and finish cooking—for a classic In-and-Out style animal burger. I leave out the grilled onions and use Dijon or spicy brown mustard instead of yellow, but that’s me.

Of course, none of these turkey burgers would be complete without cheese. But don’t ruin a potentially great burger with bland, prepackaged American cheese. Get a block of good cheese—or several for variety, In Oregon, Tillamook is the best you’ll find in the supermarket and it’s a regional dairy, so all you spend stays in the state.

And since it’s summer, be sure to visit your local farm market for fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and any other veggies you like to add (even onions—just keep them away from me.)

These are just a few I’ve tried. There are as many possibilities as there are sauces and seasonings. Have you found any others that you like? Let me know.

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