Bloggerhood Etc. 8/5/13

The Geisel Library at UCSD

The mothership is calling (Photo: Buzzfeed)

My favorite links from around the blogosphere this week.

Most Nostalgic. “Top 20 Things You’ll Remember From UCSD” by Shereen at Buzzfeed. It’s been twenty-three years since I graduated and I still look back fondly at this great and quirky university.

Most Encouraging. “Why My Christian Memoir Has R-Rated Words” by Addie Zierman at Convergent Publishing. Many writers—myself included—find ourselves stuck between secular publishers who find our work too “Jesus-y” and Christian publishers who find our work too dark, doubtful, and shadowy. It’s encouraging to find a publisher brave enough to venture into this no-mans land and promote challenging writing.

Most Poetic. “I’m Leaving the Church” by Antonia Terrazas at Stuff Antonia Says.  A beautiful, touching tribute to a faith community.

Best Dad Post. “Snappy Answers to Stupid At-Home Dad Questions” by Kevin McKeever at NYC Dads Group. Multiple-choice comebacks  inspired by MAD Magazine.

Best and Worst Day. “A Day of Note” by Robert Rummel Hudson at Fighting Monsters with Rubber Swords. A painful anniversary contrasted with a magnificent accomplishment.

Best Beginning. “The Teacher is Talking: Special Back-to-School Series” by Leslie Lindsay at Live, Write, Love: The Art and Craft of Writing. The day draws ever closer and both parents and children need to be ready.

Best Ending. “Farewells and Perfect Weekend Getaways to Eugene” by Melissa Haskin at Two Pots of Coffee and a Slice of Pie at Midnight. A food writer and fellow MyEugene survivor closes out her blog and moves on to a paying gig at Cooking Light with a farewell to her former blog and former home.

And because outtakes often follow endings, here’s a fun collection from my Favorite Viral Puppets.

“It’s definitely funnier, but it doesn’t make any sense.”


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