Bloggerhood Etc. 6/24/13

Helmuth Rilling

Helmuth Rilling (Photo: Eugene Weekly)

Unlike last week, this week’s collection doesn’t fit into a tidy theme. So in no particular order, here are my seven favorite posts from last week.

Favorite Tribute to Someone I’ve Met.  “Rilling’s Swan Song” by Brett Campbell in the Eugene Weekly. The co-founder of the Oregon Bach Festival steps down as artistic director, though he will continue to teach and conduct for the foreseeable future. As the driving force behind the Bach Festival, Helmuth Rilling not only put Eugene on the classical-music map, he also had an indirect role bringing me here—my first trip to Oregon was for the 25th OBF in 1994. So I’d like to add a personal “thank you.”

Favorite Tribute to Someone I’ve Never Met. “Stephen Colbert’s Tribute to His Late Mother, Lorna Tuck Colbert” via Huffington Post (with video from Hulu and a link to the full transcript). The Colbert Report host opens his first show back last week with a tribute to his late mother, saying “If you like me, that’s because of my mom.” Beautiful tribute. I cried. So will you.

Saddest Post. “When Father’s Day Hurts” by Tamára Lunardo at Tamára Out Loud. I always had a good father and I’ve always tried to be one too. Not everyone gets that blessing or that opportunity.

Best Dog Post. “The Case of the Devious Dogs: SOLVED” by Jim Higley on Bobblehead Dad. Dogs are always dependable in a way that many people aren’t But just because their loyal doesn’t mean they won’t try to get away with stuff. And it’s hard to stay mad at them once they give you that sad puppy look.

Most Likely to Give Fundamentalists an Aneurism (This Week). “Why I Hate the Word ‘Inerrancy'” by Ed Cyzewski on In a Mirror Dimly. A follow up to Zack Hunt original aneurism-inducing post. Sit back and watch the head-exploding fun!

Latest Evidence the “Public Discourse” has Gone to Hell. “Radioactive” by Robert Rummel-Hudson on Support for Special Needs. Rummel-Hudson calls out two Atlanta-area “shock jocks” for mocking former Saints’ safety Steve Gleason, who is currently battling ALS. Yes the station apologized, and yes the on-air “talent” got fired for it, but what was the station thinking hiring them in the first place? And if the routine was slightly less offense or the least bit funny, would they have kept their jobs? What does this say about us, that this crap is on the air at all?

Best (Funniest and Most Informative) Video. Glove and Boots with “The Hero’s Journey.”

As Johnny T. says, “Boom! Done!”

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