Bloggerhood Etc. 6/17/13

Caleb holds "I <3 you to pieces" sign

“Precious Caleb” (Photo: Alicia M. Smith)

I noticed a theme in many of the posts I read week, so I’ve tweaked the usual format a bit. Here are my seven favorite questions from last week in the Blogosphere.

Why is the Pope so Popular? Chris Nye speculates on Pope Francis’ popularity among evangelicals in Relevant.

Are our challenges . . . gifts? Alicia M. Smith talks about her son’s apraxia of speech in a Q and A format on Inspirational Christian Blogs.

How Did I Get Here? Former Ph.D. student and ordained Presbyterian minister Mihee Kim-Kort describes her other vocation—motherhood—on A Deeper Story.

Did We Treat Her Right? Robert Martin remembers his family’s beloved tortoise-shell cat Moppet at Abnormal Anabaptist.

“Honey, do you smoke cigarettes?” A strange question opens a profound discussion on faith in one of Natalie Trust’s latest, and always beautiful, blog posts.

“What are the top ten moments of your apraxia journey?” Speaking of Apraxia author Leslie Lindsay answers this question in last week’s “Apraxia Monday” post (and she added some more milestones today).

And a video reply to the last question . . .

“Why is the U.S.- Canadian border so much more crooked (and weirder) than it looks on a map?” Part Two of “Bizarre Borders” by C.G.P. Grey on his YouTube channel.


3 thoughts on “Bloggerhood Etc. 6/17/13

    • Just like our “beloved black and white lop rabbit” who we had to say goodbye to last month. We asked ourselves the same questions about him. Thanks for expressing them so movingly.


  1. Kathleen says:

    Robert, very well written comments about your lovely cat. 6 years ago I had to say goodbye to a wonderful dog who had been a part of my life for 13 years. While I believe that what I did was the right thing and the best for him- I know that at the time when I made the decision that I did;I asked myself some of the same questions that you did and felt that I gave the answers that were right for him.


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