Coming this Fall . . .

A big change.

Anna will be at a new school in September. We decided this yesterday, but it’s been coming all year.

First there was the chronic lack of communication.

Then came the one and only parent/teacher conference in October when we found out Anna was struggling with her handwriting. Looking at her journal, filled with page after page of indecipherable scribbles, I was back three years ago not understanding a word she was saying. It broke our hearts.

We took the initiative and got her into occupational therapy. We started to see improvements right away, but other problems persisted.

Other than reading, she didn’t bring home any homework all year. We had no way of tracking her progress.

Field trips and other class and school events were dropped on us with no warning.

The situation grew more and more frustrating, but I was reluctant to move Anna without trying to solve at least some of the problems first. At least the one problem that seemed at the core of all the problems—parent/school communication.

So we got more involved. Julia started attending PTO meetings in March, and over the last few months we all pitched in to help bring the school carnival together. We saw possibilities for change. Julia even considered becoming volunteer coordinator for the fall, and was nominated at the May meeting.

But then the facade fell, and in the last few days we found out what was really going on. Who was wielding power behind the scenes and who was just a figurehead.

I’m not going to say anything beyond that. There are teachers, staff, and students at the school that we’ve come to care about and will deeply miss. I don’t want anything I write here to fall on them.

The good news is that we’ve found what we hope will be the right school and we were able to get in this late with no difficulties—we’re actually in their school zone, but that’s another story. We were worried how Anna would react but she’s looking forward to the adventure. New school, new friends! That’s who she is, our “Adventure Anna.”

It’s been a long year, a long, hard few months, and a heartbreaking week. But we are moving on.

Summer break.

And then Fall, and a new adventure.

Five Minute Friday

6 thoughts on “Coming this Fall . . .

  1. Oh I can soooo relate to your situation! I have 4 kids (ages 11-15), and 3 of them have special needs (twin 11 year old boys with ADHD, and 15 year old girl with Aspberger’s). I am struggling with my 15 year old in her new high school; her freshman year was a HORRIBLE year for her. There was hardly ANY help for her, even with her extensive IEP. I have thought about changing schools, too. Good luck with your path for your daughter. I will not lie, it’s not an easy one. But with parents like you, the road will be less bumpy for her. {hugs} from a very understanding fellow parent P.S. Great writing!


    • Thankfully one of the good things at her old school was her special needs support (Anna has apraxia of speech and small motor issues). She had a great SLP and OT, and IEP meeting always went well. And one of the thing we found out just yesterday? Both her therapists are leaving! But her OT will be moving to her new school and the SLP there trained her former SLP. Plus the principal is committed to special needs. Lots of good signs. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  2. Good luck! Sounds like you found a really great place for Anna. A new adventure! Who knows what exciting plans God has in store for her? Great writing.


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