Bloggerhood Etc. 6/3/13

Sleeping baby with poop machine shirt


My seven favorite posts from my last week in the blogosphere starting with . . .

The Most Obvious (at Least for Parents). Babies are Disgusting: Parenting Firsts No One Tells You About by Somer Sherwood on XOJane. There’s a reason why God makes babies so cute that we fall in love with them immediately. It’s so we will put up with the stuff in this article and not try to return them to the hospital.

While on the subject of parenting . . .

Best Evidence I’ve Made a Good Life Decision. Watch the Men of Fox News Freak Out Over Female Breadwinners by Amanda Marcotte on Slate. If FOX News hates something this much, I know I must be doing the right thing.

And more parenting . . .

Best Summer Tips. Establishing Rules for Summer by Leslie Lindsay on Live, Write, Love: The Art and Craft of Writing. Set expectations now, or it will be a long three months.

And a little summer school for adults . . .

Best Free Class. Summer of Design on LifeHacker.

Summer of Design is a free 12-week design course, delivered to your inbox. Taught by friend of Lifehacker and author of Design for Hackers, David Kadavy, the course takes a “reverse engineering” approach to understanding how design works.

Today is the last day to enroll. So if you’re interested, sign up now.

On to three excellent posts on faith . . .

Best Meditation on the Trinity. I don’t write for an audience of One by Rachel Held Evans.

How easy it is to forget that we are the result of the collaborative work of a relational Being who in the beginning said, “Let Us make mankind in our image, in our likeness,” and who looked upon that creation and called it good.

Even God did not create for an audience of One.

Rachel didn’t write this for Trinity Sunday, but she could have.

Most Likely to Give Fundamentalists an Aneurism. The Bible Isn’t Perfect and It Says So Itself by Zack Hunt on American Jesus. He quotes St. Paul and Genesis and makes a pretty good point on the limits of inspiration when dealing with fallible humans. Cue exploding heads in 5, 4, 3 . . .

Most Hopeful. Of Stone Statues and Hope by Natalie Trust. A Catholic convert overcomes old biases and draws closer to the Mary. A beautiful tribute posted on the eve of the Visitation and a great way to end the month dedicated to her.

That’s seven.  But why stop there? How about two more just for fun . . .

Most Likely to Make Me Hungry. Portland Patties: 10 Spots to Get Your Burger Fix by Katie Kavulla on Red Tricycle.  Ten great options for a burger fix in PDX. Keeping them in mind for my next trip.

And . . .

Best Video Blog. Introducing: Johnny T from Glove and Boots.

Blog! Boom! Done!

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