Imagine a Blue Poodle

A blue poodle.

Cotton the Blue Toy Poodle (Image:

If you can imagine something, you can probably find it on the Internet. That includes a blue poodle. I never would have imagined such a dog existed if I didn’t see the photos.  But that’s the difference between me and my seven-year-old daughter. She can imagine a blue poodle because she has one.

Her dog’s name is Betty. She’s almost four, she’s a poodle, she’s blue, and she lives in Anna’s imagination.

We adopted Betty almost three years ago. It was July 4th weekend, 2010. We went to a street fair in Corvallis, a mid-sized Oregon college town about 40 minutes north of Eugene (the bigger Oregon college town). She enjoyed the inflatables and seeing the fire trucks and getting her face painted. But when we came home that evening, Betty came home with us.

She was a puppy for a few days, then she had her first birthday. She was always a poodle and for some reason (I’m not quite sure why) she has always been blue. She has a best friend named Sassy who used to be younger than Betty, but somehow ended up older. She has a family too. A sister named Woofie and a brother named Barky and parents named Illy (her mom) and Nilly (her dad). Illy and Nilly both have jobs of course. And Betty is almost four, so she’s in preschool. We drop her off on the way to Anna’s school and pick her up on the way home.

Sometimes Anna and Betty puppysit. But only on weekends.

I could tell you so many Betty stories (we’ve been writing them down for a while now) but my five-minutes is up. Let’s just say that Betty has been a wonderful addition to our family and a wonderful example of a young girl’s amazing imagination.

I hope she never stops imagining.

NOTE: This is a rare Thursday-night Five Minute Friday (on the West Coast anyway). I’ll be going on a daylong field trip with Anna tomorrow, so I’m posting this tonight instead.

Five Minute Friday

16 thoughts on “Imagine a Blue Poodle

  1. I love it! Writing down the stories will make a wonderful memory for your little girl. One of the saddest days of parenting was when I couldn’t remember the name of my son’s imaginary friend. When I asked my son, he didn’t know what I was talking about. Incidentally, the forgotten friend was a robot named, Thunder.


    • Glad you remembered. Thunder is such a great name. We inherited a hamster named Thunder from our neighbors when we moved. Their son named him, of course. Only had him a couple of years (we had no idea what his age was when we got him), but it was a couple of good years for the little guy.


  2. I hope Betty gets to go on the field trip with you! I love the imagination of the young. If we encourage that, they can maintain it into adulthood and who knows what wonderful contributions your Anna will make to this world!?


  3. I love it! My son is 17 now and his best friend “Ralphie” is in a bag…I think I need to dust him off today. My son has 3 big sisters and they were always getting boxes of clothes from my sister who had three girls. One Christmas Ralphie was in the top of the box.
    Ralphie is a teddy bear style dalmatian, but he and my son went to the moon, camping, fought fires…endless adventures. I am sure the blue poodle is making a great story teller. She may not write books, but she will always be able to communicate in any situation in life. Imagination is a gift.


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