Bloggerhood Etc. 5/13/13

Tim Tebow looks even more inspiring in sepia.

Photo: SB Nation

My seven favorite posts from the last seven days (or so) in the blogosphere, starting with one I missed last week and couldn’t leave out.

Best Humorous Essay (of the year so far). “Tim Tebow in the CFL: A Memoir” by Jon Bois on SB Nation. This is a work of mad genius by a writer whose prose finally matches the hype that is Tebow.

American football fans think of the CFL as a joke, a necessarily lesser league, a sort of sawdust bin where the has-beens and busts of the NFL end up. It’s not lesser. It’s just … a fundamentally different league. (They only have three downs, did you know that?) Getting used to how Canada did things was more of an adjustment for me. They use mammals how we use paper money. A horse is $1,000, a donkey $500, a dog $200. Hamsters are 20 bucks, gerbils are 10 bucks. I stared as $40 of June Jones’ money scurried and sniffed around the table.

“Aren’t they gonna get lost?” I asked.

“Nah. They know to stay put.”

If I write a year-end “Best of Bloggerhood Etc.” post in December, this essay will be included.

Best Proof that Some People will Still Believe Anything They See on the Internet. “How the RIT Stairwell Illusion Works” by Earnest Pettie on Break.  This is 2013. Have you never heard of editing?

Best Proof That Disney is Still Part of the Problem Despite the Brilliance of Pixar. “Merida From Brave Gets an Unnecessary Makeover, Sparks CHANGE.ORG Petition” by Jessica Samakow on Huffington Post. When this movie came out, I wrote about how amazing it was that girls could finally look up to a princess who doesn’t need a prince. Leave it to Disney to screw that up. God only knows what they’re going to do to Star Wars. At this rate, we may find ourselves missing Jar Jar.

Best Post on Friendship and Faith. “Nothing Hurts That Couldn’t Heal” by Antonia Terrazas, guest posting on Alise  . . . Write! A touching story, with beautiful writing. I’ve found a new blogger to follow.

Best Slideshow. “Apraxia Awareness Day 2013” by Sharon Gretz on PhotoSnack. Love all the pictures of the kids!

Best Mothers’ Day Post. “What Does it Take to be a “Real” Mom? by Melissa Hart on Butt to Chair: Thoughts on the Writing Life. Being adopted myself, this post really touched me. I know from personal experience that Melissa’s daughter will always see her as her real (and only) Mom.

Best Video Blog Post (and List). “10 Reasons Why Time Travel Is No Good” by Glove and Boots.

“Oh dear Lord! I thought dubstep would go away!” Poor Mario.

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