Bloggerhood Etc. 5/6/13

A creature that bears an uncanny resemblance to Donald Trump's hair.

Photo: Phil Torres

My seven favorite posts from the last seven days in the blogosphere:

Best Headline (and photo). “Donald Trump’s hair discovered crawling in Amazon” by David Strege on GrindTV. The photo is above. Read the article to find out what the hell that thing really is.

Best Parenting Idea. “Hiding from the Children” by Evelyn on Momsicle. Also Best Opening.

I’m currently hiding in our guest room.

It’s the end of nap time. Normally nap time is this awesome time when I get to detox after a morning of getting things thrown at me or watching things get thrown at other people.

These days I need nap time. We’re going through a period of disequilibrium. And it’s not pretty when mama doesn’t get some down time.

But it didn’t happen today.

Read the rest to find out if it ever does.

Most Moving. “Child of God” by Donna M. Maccaroni in America. The life of a foster parent as a calling and a ministry. This is why I could never do this. I couldn’t let go.

Best Comeback to a Manufactured Controversy. “Native American Chief Talks About Redskins,” an interview of Aleutian Inuit tribal chief Stephen Dodson by Larry Michael (with video) on

“People are speaking for Native Americans that aren’t Native American . . . We don’t have a problem with [the name] at all; in fact we’re honored.”

And he’s an Eagles fan, so he has no ulterior motives.

Most Interesting. “Imagine a Flying Pig: How Words Take Shape in the Brain” by Jon Hamilton on NPR. How the visual centers of the brain create images in the imagination based on words. And how it visualizes non-existent things by combining the familiar. Like pigs with wings. Or superhero capes.

Most Thought Provoking. “Why Progressive Christians Should Care About Abortion” by Rachel Held Evans. No matter which side you take in the abortion debate, this piece will challenge you.

Favorite Letter-to-the-Editor. “May 14 is Apraxia Awareness Day” by John and Lisa Allseits in the Journal Standard (Freeport, Ill.) A mom and dad spreading awareness in their community. For their son. For numerous other sons and daughters.

And a perfect topic to end on this week, with eight more days to go until May  14th.

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