Anna’s Checklist

Anna at Julia's office desk.

Photo: Julia Ozab

Anna is with Julia today for “Take Your Child to Work Day.” Here’s her checklist for the day (with slight edits to remove some specific details).

  • Help Mom go through her e-mail; hit send when requested; move to folders.
  • Help Mom clear retail cash and e-mail stores if needed.
  • Help Mom clear other cash accounts.
  • Help Mom close out No Charge items.
  • Offer to dump recycling bins for all team members in this area; take to work room and return to team member.
  • Work quietly on your own while Mom is doing credit cards; she will ask you to help when you can.
  • Color a picture for Dad since he misses you today (Aw!).
  • Help Mom copy chargeback receipts found by other helpers today.
  • Help Mom fax chargeback receipts to the bank.
  • Have lunch!
  • Check Mom’s mailbox and bring items back to her desk.
  • Visit with other kids in large group; complete group activities.
  • Help Mom pull and scan reports.

As she completes each task, she writes her name alongside it. So cute!


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