Setting a Schedule


The “fantastic” opening screen of the Glove and Boots video blog.

I have been blogging on WordPress for over three years, and during that time my audience has grown considerably. I hope to grow it more, and the best way to do that is by posting frequently.

I try—and I’ve gotten better—but facing that blank editing window every morning when I have so many other tasks in front of me is daunting if not downright depressing.

So based on some of more prevalent Twitter hashtags, and a few ideas of my own, I’m setting a schedule. I hope that with a little organization ahead of time, I can spend less time obsessing over what to write and more time actually writing. So here goes.

Monday Blogs

Okay I’m bending the rules a bit already, but on future Mondays I’m going to highlight posts on other blogs that catch my interest. Many bloggers already include a post like this every week (i.e. Rachel Held Evans’ “Sunday Superlatives”), and it’s a great way to point my readers to other blogs, and, in return, to bring new readers here.

Tell Me Tuesday

Here’s where I get to tell a story. Every week. It’s what I do best as a writer and it’s important I continue to practice my craft here. These might be Anna Tales, or new book reviews, (a story about a story) or travel pieces, or posts on other topics. Most of the long posts that include a “continue reading” link a few paragraphs down will go online on Tuesday. That gives me week at most to plan and write (except for this week, when I only have ONE DAY!!!)

Wordless Wednesday

I know. I’m a writer. I’m supposed to do “Writer Wednesday” instead. Well, you know what? Sometimes the best way to say something is with a picture (or a gallery of pictures). Julia is an amazing photographer, Anna is getting really good, and I sometimes find amusing images in my day-to-day travels that demand to be photographed, if only on my iPhone. So I’m sticking with Wordless Wednesday, but as a compromise I will tweet a link for #WriterWednesday each week too.

Thursday Asides

Okay, I made that one up. But since posting my first aside, I’ve discovered the benefit of sharing something short and to the point with little or no comment from me. In the future, these may be actual “asides” (using the WordPress “aside” format) or videos or quotes or other small things to share. Particularly anything for a good cause.

Five-Minute Friday

I’ve been a part of the Five-Minute Friday community on and off now for a year. I’ve been averaging about one post every two weeks or so, but from now on I’m going to make the effort to post one each week. These are among my most commented upon and most liked posts. Plus it’s a great writing exercise.

Wildcard Weekend

Because I can’t force myself into a too-strict schedule without stifling my creativity and burning out on the blog, I’m giving myself the freedom to post whatever I want on the weekend. Long, short, or nothing at all. You’ll just have to stop by each weekend to see what, if anything, new is up.

Or you can subscribe (using the link in the menu to the left), follow me on Twitter, or like the blog on Facebook and get a heads-up. (See how I worked that plug in there?)

4 thoughts on “Setting a Schedule

  1. The only “schedule” that I seem to have for myself is a Funny Friday… Something light hearted to end the week. Beyond that, with the rather wide range of stuff I write about, I’m not sure how to adapt a schedule…

    Looking forward to reading what you have to offer, though. 😉


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