Three Days at a Writing Conference


I’m back today from the 2013 Faith and Culture Writers Conference. The weekend passed in a blur, going something like this.

Friday: Show up, drink coffee, and be thoroughly overwhelmed. Three hours race by. Go back to the hotel room after a few hours and try to sleep. Don’t sleep . . . still don’t sleep . . . sleep.

Saturday: Breakfast, coffee, socialize, get a book signed, more coffee, seminars, frantic notetaking, more socializing, lunch, still more coffee (coffee runs out!) more seminars, time to pitch, coffee is back (yay!), even more coffee, heart starts racing (aaah!), appointment delayed fifteen minutes . . .

Calm down.


Pray the Rosary and center myself.

Meet agent. Chat about the origins of our last names, pitch the book, he loves both the title and the concept and asks to see the proposal and manuscript, float out of the room on a cloud, more seminars, more frantic notetaking, conference wrapup, win a prize, more socializing, dinner out with friends, return to the hotel, collapse on the bed exhausted, think about what a great experience it was, and wish it wasn’t over already. Sleep.

Sunday: Wake up and thank God it is over because there is no way I have any energy left over for another day. Relax in the room for a bit, get breakfast, pack, and stop off for 10 a.m. Mass on the way home.

By the way, The Grotto is beautiful. I’m going back when I have the time to enjoy it.

Go home and hug Julia and Anna. Go out for frozen yogurt that evening to celebrate a successful weekend. Return home to my own bed and get a good night’s rest.

Today: Get Anna ready for school, return the rental car, do laundry.

Some things never change.

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