Laundry is Indeed Eternal

Life is Short, Laundry is Eternal

That is the title of the first chapter of Scott Benner’s new book, Life is Short, Laundry is Eternal: Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Dad. As a stay-at-home dad myself, I can back him up. Laundry never ends. In his own words . . .

I think I know why people become nudists—to have less laundry. Some quick math tells me that I complete an average of fifteen loads of laundry a week or more than sixty a month. That’s more than seven hundred a year and nearly nine thousand in my time as a stay-at home dad. In fact, by the time this book is published I’ll have washed, dried, folded, and put away another almost thousand loads of laundry, and each one sucks a little more than the last.

Doing the laundry is so terrible that if a genie popped out of a bottle right now and said to me “Answer fast, no more laundry or world peace—choose!” I’d actually pause . . .

No kidding! And unlike Scott, I’m not sure I’d eventually choose world peace.

In fact, I’m running four loads of laundry right now. I’d say that’s a coincidence—that I’m waiting on a bank of washing machines as I’m reading a book that opens with a description of the Sisyphean task of  laundry—but given that laundry is a constant in my life as well, pretty much any book I’m reading at any given time is going to intersect with the next load.

He paints a vivid, and authentic, image of the never-ending tedium of stay-at-home parenting in that first chapter. I’ve read on a little from there and I can say that he’s beginning to paint equally vivid pictures of the joys as well. The joys that make all that laundry worth it. Almost.

But more on that when I finish the book and review it. Until then . . .

It’s time to switch those four loads of laundry over to the dryers.

Scott is also a blogger, and he writes about his daughter’s life with type 1 diabetes on Arden’s Day.

4 thoughts on “Laundry is Indeed Eternal

  1. xmomof2 says:

    ha – Laundry is indeed eternal – for me I am fine with putting them in the washer and dryer but its really hard for me to get it to the right room once done because by 10p (when it is done) I just want to sit down and watch some of my “trash” tv shows (husbands words) – so it sits nicely in a laundry basket clean 🙂
    Perhaps tonight I will find some motivation to finish it…..perhaps. Also I don’t think I would pick world peace either, just sayin’ ;P


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