Rest? What Rest?

It’s been a busy week.

I’m preparing to send out my book proposal, drafting cover letters, and getting my final manuscript draft ready for my line editor. I also have a book review to work on and a web site to set up for a fellow writer, and I’m trying to keep my blog up to date so my readership doesn’t slack off.

Julia, meanwhile, had meetings scheduled each day this week at work on top of her usual responsibilities. It’s good that she taking on a new project—it will benefit her career path—but it’s a change in her routine and it’s wearing her down.

Anna, of course, is her usual energetic seven-year-old self, and we struggle to keep up with her on our best days. She’s always fun, but she’s often exhausting. If only we could bottle some of the energy for ourselves.

On top of all that, we’re recovering from the shift to Daylight Savings Time last Sunday. This time change always throws my body for  loop and it takes me about a week to recover.

This week. This very busy week. And we both need the weekend, because we both need rest.

That’s the mercy of the Sabbath. It was made for us (Mark 2:27) because we need rest. It’s not an obligation, it’s a gift.

A time to take a breath, slow down, and rest. And this week of all weeks it it greatly appreciated.

Five Minute Friday

2 thoughts on “Rest? What Rest?

  1. Visiting from FMF…Yes, in times like this God is beckoning us to REST and we are so grateful for the “mercy of the Sabbath”. I wish you the best for your book and hope you’ll get some rest this weekend!


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