Go Beavers?

Anna all with her OSU stuff

I am a University of Oregon alumnus and therefore an Oregon Duck. Since I went there for grad school, I’m not the diehard, bleeding-green-and-gold Duck fan that many people in Eugene are, but I root for them as all good alumni root for their alma mater.

Well Anna has decided—perhaps to spite me—that she is an Oregon State Beaver fan. And being the good parent that I am, I let Julia buy her all that Beaver stuff in the above photo. All but the little bear cheerleader sitting on the pom-poms. I bought her that.

What can I say? I guess she wore me down.

Anna closeup in Beaver shirt

Like I could resist that cute giggle of hers.

Anna and Woody (OSU Beaver Pillow Pet)

Or her smile. And I have to admit, her OSU Beaver pillow pet is really cute too.

Anna and Woody (closeup)

She named him Woody. And so I wouldn’t feel left out she bought me a Duck pillow pet that we named Donald.

Would I prefer that she be a Duck like me? Sure. But she’s her own person and in a town full of Duck fans she’s not afraid to be different.

Plus she wants to go to college. Even if it’s in Corvallis. And that’s a goal I can wholeheartedly support.

Anna with pom poms


Photos by Sears Portrait Studios.


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