Something Else I Want Anna to Know About My Mom

My Mom

In September of 2011, on the second anniversary of my mom’s passing, I wrote a post titled What I Want Anna to Know About My Mom. In it, I talked about several things I remembered—her laugh, her singing, her dancing, her sense of humor, her generosity, and her faith—and that I wanted my daughter to know too.

Well today’s Five Minute Friday prompt is “What Mama Did.” My first thought was “well I wrote that already, can’t I just re-post it?” But instead I decided to try to think of one more thing; something that I missed a year and a half ago.

Then it hit me. My mom loved to read.

“Ever since I was a kid,” she said. “I always had my nose in a book.” It was still true for as long as I could remember. She read every day. And our house was always filled with books. Shelves of them in every room, and boxes of them in storage.

Ask my wife Julia, she and I helped my dad sort through them all after she passed away.

I got my love of reading from my mom. My dad reads quite a bit too. He still reads the paper every morning and will pick up a book if the subject strikes his interest. But my mom was always reading. Only at the end when she began get lost inside her own mind did she slow down and finally stop.

That was hard to see.

But I don’t focus on that when I think about her. Instead I think of all the books she read, all the books she wanted to read, and how she passed her love of reading on to me.

A love of reading that Julia and I share, and have passed on to Anna as well.

Five Minute Friday

4 thoughts on “Something Else I Want Anna to Know About My Mom

  1. It took me a moment to comment, I simply had to read the first post about your Mom… It was beautiful.
    We unfortunately belong to a special club where the members have lost their Moms and/or Dads. These memories are precious and bittersweet, thank you for sharing!
    (I believe I went over my timer – for the time it took to fetch more tissues and to “collect myself” while constantly tearing up)
    Have a wonderful Friday…


  2. Dear David
    What a nice surprise to find a gentleman amongst the ladies at FMF! You look so much like your mom. My husband always says that he has travelled the whole world through reading and I suspect your mom was a “world traveller” as well!
    Much love


  3. I am glad to see you on FMF…I remember coming across your blog a while back and I was excited to read a blog from a guys’ perspective. Reading is a beautiful aspect your mother passed along. What a wonderful memory and gift. I can only imagine how difficult it has been to have this loss. My mom passed away in 2006 at the age of 54 and I was 32. I really miss her, but today was a great chance to focus on things I miss about her.
    Thank you for sharing a bit about your mommy.


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