Open to Every Opportunity

Bare branches against a blue sky.

Photo: Pauline Eccles (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Each day presents a new opportunity. Here’s an example:

I was all set to drive down the block to my local coffee house today. My wife, Julia, has the day off to spend with our daughter, Anna, before school starts up next week, and I’m taking the day to write. They’ll be heading across town to an indoor swim park this afternoon (Anna loves swimming and hasn’t been in a pool in months), but this morning they’re home sorting through Anna’s toys to make room for all the new stuff Santa brought at Christmas before we take down our decorations tomorrow. This leaves me the van so I can get out for a bit.

But we’ve also had a rare stretch of sunny weather this week. Oregon winters are usually cold and rainy, so a little break in the clouds is a rare treat. Now it’s not warm by any means—the lack of cloud cover has made it colder than usual this week—but a temperature in the 30s is still manageable with warm clothes.

So I’m heading downstairs to get in the van when it dawns on me: how often do I get an opportunity to go for a walk in Oregon in the winter? I’m only five minutes away from the coffee house, and after two weeks of fresh baked Christmas goodies I could use the exercise.

So I took the opportunity and I walked. And as I was walking I realized that every day presents an opportunity, and I need to be open to that opportunity. Usually, it’s something little, like a walk down the block, but every so often it may be something bigger. And if I’m not open every day to every opportunity as it comes along, I’m going to miss out.

Five Minute Friday


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