A Successful Season

Santana Moss, left, and Josh Morgan celebrate after Moss' touchdown

Photo: AP/Michael Perez

In September, I had hoped the Redskins would finish 8-8 this year, Robert Griffin III would have a promising rookie season, and the team would show they were moving in the right direction after twenty years of futility.

In early November, after a loss to Carolina dropped the Redskins to 3-6, I wondered if the season could be salvaged. I never imagined the Redskins would go on a tear after the bye week and become the hottest team in the NFC.

Now, I am overjoyed. The Redskins have exceeded all sane expectations. They will finish with their first winning record since 2007, RGIII is on the NFC Pro Bowl Squad, along with two other starters and two alternates, and a win Sunday at FedEx Field against Dallas would give the Redskins their first NFC East title and first home playoff game since 1999.

Win or lose on Sunday, this is a successful season. And if Chicago and Minnesota lose Sunday, the Redskins could qualify for the playoffs before kick-off. They might not even need to win.

But you know what? Forget that! I want them to win. I want them to beat the Dallas Cowboys and take the division. Period.

Because it’s Dallas, and it’s always good to beat Dallas:



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