Who are Our Kings?

Cathedral St. Peter (Dom St. Peter), Worms, Germany - Tympanum - Tree of Jesse

Tree of Jesse. St. Peter’s Cathedral, Worms, Germany

The third O Antiphon, which will be chanted tonight at Vespers at monasteries around the world:

O Root of Jesse, standing as a sign among the peoples;
before you kings will shut their mouths,
to you the nations will make their prayer:
Come and deliver us, and delay no longer.

Who are our kings?

It’s not our politicians. They simply represent our wishes. They write our laws, but they do not rule over us. Our rulers are violence and greed. Together, they feed our multibillion dollar defense industry, our multibillion dollar entertainment industry, our multibillion dollar gun industry, and our multibillion dollar prison industry.

And it’s only when a horrible tragedy befalls us, when too many innocent children die at one time to ignore, that we stop and pay attention.

But it never lasts. Our “kings” won’t shut their mouths for long. They never have.

O Root of Jesse, deliver us . . . from us:

December 19

 Advent calendar graphics by Oh My Gluestick. They are intended for personal use only and may not be used commercially.

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