Slow Down

Anna running outside

Photo: Julia Ozab (2011)

There are times when my child can’t slow down. She’s filled with so much energy, she just runs and runs, in circles, around our apartment.

I tell her to slow down, partially because I don’t want her to trip and fall and partially because I’m getting dizzy watching her zoom by me over and over again. But I don’t scold her too harshly I know she can’t help it. She’s a kid, she’s full of energy, and sometimes she just has to run.

So what’s our excuse? We’re not kids, we’re not full of energy, and we’re not having fun. And still we keep running.

There’s a song on one of Anna’s CDs called “BusyBusyBusy.” It’s by Sandra Boynton—the hilarious children’s author—and it’s a tribute to the grown-up rat race:

We are very, very, busy
and we’ve got a lot to do,
and we haven’t got a minute
to explain it all to you!

For on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
there are people we must see,
and on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
we’re as busy as can be!

With our most important meetings
and our most important calls,
and we have to do so many things
and post them on the walls!

And the so-called Holiday Season—it’s hard to call it “Christmas” when so much of it is so unChristlike—makes it even worse:

And we have to do it faster
or it never will be done
and we have no time for listening
or anything that’s fun!

Running so fast, we have no time for “anything that’s fun.” A big difference from why kids run, isn’t it?

Maybe we need to slow down, from time to time, and catch our breath. Advent can help us do that. It can help us sing a very different song for a change:

December 10

 Advent calendar graphics by Oh My Gluestick. They are intended for personal use only and may not be used commercially.


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