A Halloween Princess Who Still Doesn’t Need a Prince

Brave movie poster
Disney Pixar’s Brave is out on DVD today. We all loved this movie: I wrote a review on this blog in June and, shortly after seeing the movie, Anna decided to be Merida (the heroine of the film) for Halloween. She wasn’t the only one, as our trip to the mall demonstrated:

Anna and her friend dressed as Merida for Halloween

With her friend Sequoia at VRC

It was a popular costume: we spotted five or six Meridas over the course of the evening, which is a lot considering that the movie had come out a few months earlier.

It was also the first costume we had to buy retail, after several years of buying used and cheap.

But as popular as Merida is among little girls—and as encouraging a sign as that is—some grownups still need to be brought up to speed. We got several “Who is she?” questions, and at our last stop—a fall harvest party at a local church—two older gentlemen misidentified her:


“Are you Annie?” they both asked. Of course, she heard “Anna” instead of “Annie” and having no idea who Annie is answered “No, I’m not Anna tonight, I’m Merida,” which confused them even more.

It’s a generational thing, but perhaps they have have granddaughters or great-nieces who can enlighten them: on who Merida is, and why she is so different from every other Disney Princess.


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