Planning Ahead?

Paschal Candle

Easter Candle in October? Why now?

The first thing I strive for as a blogger is high quality content: that’s a given, but the second thing I strive for is hits.

How to get hits? That is the question that I’m trying to answer. And why do I bring it up? Because chances are you—the current reader of this post—fall into one of two categories:

1) A regular reader of the blog.

2) Someone who just typed a variation of “Catholic Easter Candle” into a search engine.

You see, WordPress includes statistics pages that show how many hits a blog is getting, what the most popular posts are, the most popular search terms, etc, and all of a sudden this morning (It’s still morning on the West Coast) I saw a huge traffic spike.

My first thought: Taco Tuesday. This post has generated periodic traffic spikes since May. But I was wrong. Instead it was the search term “Catholic Easter Candle.”

Why Catholic Easter Candle? In October, almost six months before Easter? Are you planning that far ahead?

I’m curious. Call it a bit of impromptu market research. Please leave a comment if his is your first time here. Say “hello,” and tell me what inspired you to search for Easter candles today.

If you don’t feel like commenting, that’s ok too. Thanks for stopping by, and please come back soon.

Blessings to you!


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