Albany Balloon Festival Photoblog

Since 2008, our family has made the short trip up I-5 each August to attend the Northwest Art and Air Festival in Albany, Oregon.
This was the first year that Julia, Anna, and my Mother-in-law Kathleen made the trip without me. They all brought back some great photos, including these three of one of my favorite balloons: Checkmate.



Photo: Kathleen Harris


Photo: Julia Ozab


Photo: Anna Ozab


4 thoughts on “Albany Balloon Festival Photoblog

  1. Shari Gale says:

    Hey, Jon Dragt shared this blog with me. My husband, Tim, and I own Checkmate. I am very flattered that Checkmate is one of your favorite balloons. Drop by and say “Hi” the next time you see us inflating.


      • Shari Gale says:

        Sure, we’d love a copy. When I’m crewing for the balloon I often don’t get the best photos. Just send it to my e-mail address. Thanks! You are most kind.


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