Call It a Poem, if You Must

Ruined Church, Cottam from Wikimedia Commons

Photo: J. Thomas (CC BY_SA 2.0)

I wrote this short text a little over four years ago, after a bad church experience. I stumbled across it while revising my manuscript, and incorporated it in a more prosodic form.

I post the original here in part to share something I’d forgotten about, and in part because I’m too hot to think of anything new to write. Call it a poem, if you must—I’d rather call in a short verse—but please don’t call me a poet (or throw fruit at me—this isn’t my usual gig):

The Opposite of Apathy

Most people think
That the opposite of faith is doubt,
The opposite of hope is despair,
And the opposite of love is hate,

But most people are wrong;

The opposite of faith is apathy,
The opposite of hope is apathy,
The opposite of love is apathy,
And the opposite of apathy

Is the Kingdom of God.

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