Envisioning a Cover Photo

Is it just me, or does this photo scream “Book Cover”?

It’s one of three new photos from last week’s Smile Oregon photo shoot. It’s already close to the right proportions for a book cover, and she’s smiling: a plus given the book’s working title.

This one, with some cropping to turn it from landscape to portrait, could work too:

It could also work as a website banner or a Facebook cover photo (again with some cropping).

Finally, there’s this one:

My favorite part of this photo is that I can see her gap from her second lost tooth (yes, she finally lost another one after a four month wait), but I’m not sure how I’d crop it to fit: and she’s not smiling. Still a nice photo, though, and I wanted to share it.

There will be many other candidates, of course—including older photos that fall within the timeframe of the book—and a collage of photos may work better than a single one. But it’s nice to envision what a cover might look like.

OK, enough daydreaming. Back to work . . .

Photos @2012 by Red Letter Days. 


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