While I was Sleeping

Or napping anyway. A lot happened this week and if I hadn’t been down with a cold I might have had the energy to blog about some of it. Here’s a quick roundup of the last week of June, now that I’m feeling a little better.

Doernbecher Children' s Hospital

Photo: Ted Timmons (CC BY 3.0)

Return to Doernbecher.

It’s been almost four years since our last trip to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, where Anna had her cleft surgery in 2006. But a lost tooth in March reminded us that her next surgery was drawing ever closer:

Anna had her first—and so far only—cleft surgery at the age of four-and-a-half months. At the time we knew another surgery was coming to repair the gap in her gum line that matches the place where her cleft lip used to be. It’s been almost six years since that surgery and it’s easy to forget that she has another one coming. Now that her baby teeth are coming out, we know that it’s getting closer. It’s time to schedule a visit to Doernbecher this summer, and prepare ourselves for her next surgery: a year or two from now at the latest.

This year’s visit was about catching everyone up after a long absence. All her scheduled checkups went great, she’ll be returning next year for X-rays and depending on what they find, she’ll have her dental surgery sometime between the ages of eight and ten. Two years from now is the soonest it will happen.

Julia and I share our first dance as husband and wife.

Our First Dance

Happy Anniversary!

Tuesday, Julia and I celebrated our eighth anniversary by staying home sick. I guess the trip up to Portland and the stress of returning to the hospital where Anna’s cleft surgery took place wiped us both out. I’d planned to post something that day, but what I wrote last year still stands:

(T)hrough the tough times we were always there for each other. We have an amazing daughter—intelligent, outgoing, creative, beautiful, and stubborn. We have our faith—tested though it’s been. And we have each other.

Nothing else is as important as those three things.

And as Julia reminded me on Tuesday, “#1 still stands” as well (that’s something from the note she wrote me the day of our wedding that will always be between us).


Every day is Taco Tuesday!

My most popular post ever is now well over 1,200 hits, and has brought this blog its busiest week by far:

Are you really ever that far from a taco? Our local Taco Bell is just down the street from our apartment; I could drive there and back in five minutes, allowing for a three minute wait at the drive-though. And do you really want a bag of them flung at your head by a flying robot?

Judging by my hits these last two weeks, the answer is “Hell yeah!”

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