This is Our Path

Solitary figure on pilgrimage path of Croagh Patrick

Pilgrimage path of Croagh Patrick (Photo: code poet CC BY-SA 2.0)

This is the path that I am on. I can only see in one direction—behind me—but I must not look back, for “no one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is worthy of the Kingdom of God.”

Instead, I must keep pressing on into the darkness ahead of me not knowing what comes next; trusting in God that, whatever comes next, he will give me the strength to face it. This is the path I am on. Out of a past that is lit, but unapproachable, and into a future that is dark, unavoidable, and unknown.

I cannot change the past, and I cannot see the future. All I can do is live in the present as I am called to live: loving my neighbor as myself and hoping my neighbor will do likewise.

This is the path that I am on. The path that we are all on. The path that God chose to take with us, and still walks with us, even though he doesn’t have to. Emptying himself, taking our form so he can walk with us for awhile.

This is our path, and knowing we are on it together is what gives me hope.

This is my latest contribution to “Five-minute Fridays,” a weekly blog carnival hosted by The Gypsy Mama. Today’s prompt is “Path.”


2 thoughts on “This is Our Path

  1. You are right…you have to keep moving forward in faith. God led the Israelites one step at a time through the desert. No going back. Seek his will and keep moving forward!


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