Afterthoughts are Often the Best Thoughts

Furby on the couch

“Ooooh, comfy!”

Why is there a Furby on our new couch? It’s a long story.

First the couch. We’ve been shopping for a couch over the last few months. Our old couch has gotten a lot of use, and lately it’s been sagging in the middle thanks to a couple of broken springs. We don’t have the money for a new couch, so we’ve been looking for a like-new one.

About a week ago, we thought we found the right couch at a thrift store. It was in great shape: real wood, comfortable, and an attractive shade of blue. $100, plus a $20 delivery charge, and with 20% off furniture that day our timing seemed ideal. Until we found out they wouldn’t deliver upstairs. So we kept looking.

On Sunday we found our couch, and it was an afterthought. We were driving home from a benefit sale that afternoon when Julia suggested we stop by Eugene Liquidators. We’d found several beautiful and reasonably priced pieces there over the years, so it seemed like a good idea to check.

It had arrived only few hours earlier and had just been set out on the floor. A cream-colored couch in excellent condition. Julia asked the saleswoman how much it was.


She asked again.


We bought it. As we walked up front to arrange for delivery, Julia asked me if we should look around while we were there.

“It’s the same delivery fee no matter what. Is there anything else we might need?”

“A bookcase?”

Another afterthought; another great find: a brand new wood bookcase with adjustable shelves for sixty dollars.

Our new bookcase

More space for more books!

Now about the Furby. We bought her at the benefit sale. Actually we bought four of them. Two were manufacturer-sealed Millennium Furbies with a very good resale values online. The third was a sealed Valentine’s Furby that Julia returned to the sale later that afternoon to buy. Another afterthought, with an an even higher resale value than the Millenium Furbies.

The fourth was for Anna: she’s the one on the couch.

And the lesson we learned that day: afterthoughts are often the best thoughts. Be open to them.

Our new couch!

And it brightens up our living room.

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One thought on “Afterthoughts are Often the Best Thoughts

  1. I’ve been blessed and so surprised when doors have opened so kindly and furniture or other items have almost dropped into our lap. The Lord has known what we needed… and has often given the colors and styles and choices that would make me grin from ear to ear with thankfulness. He ain’t just a “Heavenly” Father, but He’s also a kind and “Earthly-focused” Father. Then, when I see the desk or chair or computer and know it came from someone else’s hand through Him, I never stop being appreciative.

    Enjoy your couch and your Furby… forever and ever.


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