Three Weeks Later . . .

Anna makes a snow angel.

Anna no longer hates snow. Now she loves it!

I knew that this day would come eventually, but I didn’t expect it so soon. Then yesterday—on the second day of Spring—we got the heaviest snowfall this year. I figured she wouldn’t be interested, given her past dislike of snow, but I caught her looking out the window around nine o’clock this morning.

“Pretty isn’t it?”


“You want to go out and play in it?”


Anna and Dad out in the snow

So she got out her snow boots, we both bundled up and went outside. My mother-in-law took some pictures of us out in front of the apartment and in the backyard. I taught her how to pack a snowball, build a snow fort, and make a snow angel.

Then we braved the slush in the parking lot and crossed the street to our park. The snow was a bit deeper there, and she didn’t want to walk to far, so we staked out a corner of the park and started rolling snow to build a snowman. I’m not sure if I’m just out of practice, or if the snow was a bit too powdery, but the snowman caved in a bit and we ended up with a snow-Jabba-the-Hutt. We stopped for a moment to admire our work—as it was—and then pummeled it with snowballs.

We were only out about an hour before we got cold and had to come in, but Anna had such a good time that when I told her school was closed again today she was thrilled.

“We can play in the snow again!”

Given how much she loves school, this says a lot.

Anna throws a snowball.

Photos by Kathleen Harris.


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