Mmm, Pancakes!


Photo by Jan Spencer (RRCO)

River Road group hosts event to nourish community and build stronger neighborhoods


All welcome to attend free Sept 10 pancake breakfast and Willamette River bike-path tour; volunteers still needed.

The River Road Community Organization (RRCO) is hosting a free pancake breakfast on Saturday, September 10 from 9 – 11 a.m. at the River Road Annex (1055 River Road). All are welcome to attend – from the River Road area or any other Eugene neighborhood.

This is the RRCO’s second annual breakfast, featuring pancakes, berries, yogurt and juice; organizers are hopeful that it will be as successful this year as it was last year.

“We had a 120 people last time,” says volunteer coordinator Bev Barr. “We had so much fun, we just had to do it again.”

Setup begins at 8 a.m. and volunteers are still needed to help. Area residents are also invited to bring fresh produce and flowers from their gardens along with any questions or concerns they have regarding the River Road/Santa Clara neighborhood. A public address (P.A.) system will be set up during the breakfast and the floor will be open for announcements, or, if people prefer, they may bring cards or flyers to distribute to their neighbors.

Afterward, guests will be invited to walk or ride bikes along the Willamette River bike path, which runs nearby, and learn how they can help maintain what residents consider the “crown jewel” of their neighborhood.

The River Road community consists of a patchwork of incorporated and unincorporated areas with most residents residing outside of the City of Eugene. While relations between the local community and the city have improved over the last few decades, more work is needed to be sure that the concerns of local residents continue to be heard by both the City Council and the Lane County Board of Supervisors.

“The citizens here recognize that this crazy quilt is becoming unsustainable as it is,” Barr says, “and we want to develop mechanisms for having more say in how things may change.”

The River Road Community Organization (RRCO) endeavors to create opportunities to build community amid this “crazy-quilt” of overlapping and occasionally conflicting jurisdictions. RRCO recently partnered with the Santa Clara Community Organization to form the Santa Clara/River Road Outreach and Learning Committee. Together they hope to give residents of the combined community a greater voice in the future of their neighborhoods.

Barr and her fellow members of the RRCO hope the breakfast will provide an opportunity for neighbors to meet each other and share their concerns.

“Besides,” she says, “It just feels good to hang out with neighbors and share food and flowers and conversation.”

Event sponsors include Nearly Normals of Corvallis (providing the pancake batter), Springfield Creamery, Global Delight, and Wildtime Foods.

UPDATE: ceased operations in May, 2012. The site is down and currently for sale. I have reposted my complete articles on this site.  (11/6/2012)

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