Last Thursday (8/18) my short essay “For Anna” was featured on Alise Wright’s excellent blog Alise . . . Write! I am grateful for the opportunity she offered to me and to other writers during her month-long “Guest Post Extravaganza.” I am even more grateful for her generous introduction:

I connected with David on Twitter and he is a great encourager. In a world where people can be most concerned with promoting their own self-interest, it’s a delight to meet someone who encourages others.

We’ve all come across those writers who use Twitter solely as a means of self-promotion. The ones whose tweets are a litany of “here’s my book,” “read my book,” and “speaking of (fill-in-the-blank), buy my book.” I’ve stumbled into following a few of these feeds, but I never stick around for long.

But to hear that I’ve encouraged someone else? That is a real compliment. And it’s good for building platform too. I can’t begin to recall how many times I’ve read variations on “don’t always tweet about yourself. Engage people, give them something that benefits them, not you.”

Most of all, it’s why I became a writer in the first place. I had a story that I wanted to tell—not because I like to hear the sound of my own voice or I wanted to express myself, but because I knew there were other people out there going through what I was going through.

I wanted to offer encouragement. To hear that I am accomplishing that goal in 140 character snippets tells me I can accomplish the same goal in larger forms: devotionals, articles, essays, and—once it’s finally finished—my book.

Of course I hope for success as a writer. I hope to make money at it too. But to know that I am reaching people I’ve never met in person and that I am making even the smallest difference in their lives is the greatest reward.


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