Happy Birthday #amwriting!

#amwriting buttons

My #amwriting buttons on the strap of my laptop bag.

Writing is a lonely business, which is why the the best writers seek out colleagues for support, guidance, feedback, and encouragement. I have three communities that I turn to most often: Willamette Writers, my critique group, and the #amwriting community.

#Amwriting celebrates it’s second birthday today. I missed the first year (I wasn’t even on Twitter until June 2010—I’m such a luddite), but since then it’s been a great encouragement as I sent out my writing, weathered months of rejection, and finally broke into the ranks of published writers. Through #amwriting I have celebrated the following achievements so far:

I also get to share my blog with fellow writers and read what they’re writing too. It’s an amazing idea and has grown into an amazing community. I’m so grateful that Jojo Jensen badgered me into joining Twitter, so grateful that I met Johanna Harness at the 2010 Willamette Writers Conference, and so grateful that I joined this community.

Happy birthday, #amwriting! May you have many more to come.

Fatherhood Etc is just one of a total of twenty-eight blogs celebrating #amwriting’s second birthday. The party continues at M.K. Hutchens’ Blog and on from there until you return here (or wherever you started). Pretty cool, huh?

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday #amwriting!

    • I’ve been dancing more lately too! Thanks for commenting, and thanks againfor starting the #amwriting hashtag and community. It’s been truly an amazing way to bring so many writers together from all over the world.


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