I Miss the Terrible Twos

My latest essay is online today at errant parent:

I Miss the Terrible Twos
by David Ozab


The word that ends the relative bliss of the first two years of parenting. The word that is a child’s declaration of independence. The word that I’m going to hear over and over until I am laid in earth:


It’s not like I wasn’t warned by every parent I met: “Oh, she may be a cute little baby now, but just wait ’til the Terrible Twos. Every other word’s gonna be ‘no.’ She’ll drive you crazy.” And they were right. My daughter’s fascination with “no” infected every conversation:

“Hey Anna, you want to go to the park?”


“Want to play with your toys?”


“Want to just sit there and say ‘no?'”


But the Terrible Twos only lasted a year. I made it through with my sanity intact, and I figured that from here on it had to get better.



Continued at errant parent.


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