Patience, Part II

Back in April I wrote about my difficulties with patience, and how I was determined to wait a year before I got involved in church. I also wrote about a conversion story I hoped to get published. I submitted it at the end of February, wrote a followup email a month later, and then a second followup in May.

I heard nothing. Not a “no thank you,” not a “we’ll get back to you.” Nothing.

I gave up. Like I said, patience is hard for me. So is taking my own advice.

Today, I finally heard back:

Dear David Ozab,

First, my most sincere apologies for the delayed response! For some reason your emails were being automatically sorted into an incorrect folder and were not seen (the problem has been fixed now). I’m terribly sorry for the delay and confusion.

Thank you so much for sharing your sincere and heartwarming story with us!

If you’re still interested, we would be delighted to share your experience with our readers.

I should have trusted my instincts. I knew it was a good piece—I’d gotten great responses from several people, all of whom loved it—and yet I hadn’t heard anything for almost five months. I never stopped for a moment and thought maybe it was just a foul up. No, I jumped to the worst conclusion and said some pretty nasty things (in casual conversation only, not in print or online) about the publication in question.

For that I offer my most sincere apologies.

And next time, I’ll try to take my own advice.

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