We have a pet squirrel. Ok, he’s not really a pet in that he doesn’t live in the house, but he sits on the porch every morning begging for food. He’s not scared of us either. He will stand up on his hind legs when either one of us goes near that door, and he likes climbing on the screen to get our attention.

Meet Marvin:

Marvin the Squirrel


Anna named him Marvin after a scene in one of the Signing Time videos. This particular episode taught the signs for various animals, one of which was “squirrel.” Alex, the boy featured in the video, sees a squirrel and says something like “I think I’ll name him Marvin.” Thus, Marvin the Squirrel.

Our biggest mistake was tossing out almonds. Julia bought several bags of shelled almonds on a very good sale price, but soon grew tired of cracking them. So we started tossing them out on the balcony. This not only encouraged Marvin, who grew even bolder once he knew we had almonds, but drew his friends as well.

We think there’s a total of three squirrels who come to our balcony now. Marvin, of course, is the one who begs, climbs on the screen, and would come inside if we let him. Bob is a bit more cautious—he sits on my bicycle tire waiting until we scatter the almonds and walk away, then he climbs down onto the porch, while George hides on the side of the balcony and sneaks up when he thinks no one is looking.

But Marvin is the only one who poses for the camera.

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