My Laptop is my Office

Bruce Sallan (of A Dad’s Point of View) discusses the gift of free WiFi on Boomer Tech Talk:

Every SAHP (Stay-at-home-parent) knows the joy of running their kids around all over town. As if that were not bad enough, the real pain is how often we parents have to wait around, at wherever we’ve had to take our kids this time, for our kid to finish a lesson, a game, a school activity, or any of the myriad things modern parents seem to have to do for their children. It always seems there’s not enough time to go back home and/or do errands so we end up waiting around, internally resentful, until our kid is finished.

There is a solution once you are tech-savvy enough to take advantage of it. Wi-Fi*. Free wireless internet allows the parent to take a laptop with them on their kid-shuttles, go to a nearby place that has it, and maybe do something useful with that intermediary time that we parents find ultimately so wasteful!

Free WiFi has been a huge gift to me as a stay-at-home dad/writer who hopes to become a writer/stay-at-home dad. My laptop is my office, whether I’m home, or at lunch, or the mall play area.

And where WiFi isn’t available, I have my iPhone. Since I write most of the time in Word (on a Mac—so I’m not totally evil) I can keep up on Email, Twitter, Facebook, etc on my phone as necessary. It’s a little less convenient when I’m blogging, but I manage.

That said, iPhone owners can work around the no WiFi problem. I haven’t tried this myself, but it is possible to tether a laptop to an iPhone’s data network. Two caveats:

  1. All bandwidth consumption counts against monthly data usage.
  2. It’s a hack, so backup your iPhone first.

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