Now with Zombies™

Roger Ma on Why Tiger Mothers are Superior (During a Zombie Outbreak) from (via THE FATHER LIFE):

I am a zombie fighter. I am also the product of a Tiger mother. While these two facts may seem incongruous to most people, I can assertively say that not only are they related, they have a direct causal relationship. It is no coincidence that my book, The Zombie Combat Manual, begins with a dedication to my mother “for her strength and discipline.” Having experienced many of the parenting techniques Chua details, I can explain exactly how this type of regimen not only prepares children for the world of higher education, but also a world infested with living dead.In this article, I’ll cover the most prominent guidelines of Tiger mother parenting, and how they relate to becoming an effective zombie combatant.

You know Seth-Grahame Smith of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies fame (all 15 minutes worth) is ticked he didn’t think of this first. If only he’d trademarked arbitrary zombie tie-ins when he had the chance.

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