Which Instrument is Right for Your Child?

Syndicated parenting columnist Priscilla J. Dunstan on “Helping your child pick the right musical instrument:”

Instrumental music is wonderful for brain development, teaches the habit of regular practice, helps a child learn patience, builds physical coordination – the list of benefits is endless. And these are benefits just from all who practice an instrument, not just for the very best. There are so many instruments and differing teaching styles, that it doesn’t need to be stressful. Children will have their preference, but also show a tendency towards certain instruments based around their dominant sense.

She goes on to list four different dominant sense types, and suggests instruments for each.

I’m not sure what Anna’s “dominant sense type” is. She loves music, but hasn’t gravitated towards a particular instrument or expressed an interest in learning to play one yet.

Her focus now is ballet. Like many girls her age she wants to be a ballerina, so we’ve enrolled her in a local ballet studio. As long as she works hard and continues to enjoy dancing, we’ll keep going with it.

That said, between her love of music and her musician dad I expect her to want to learn to play an instrument at some point. If I still haven’t figured out her dominant sense at that point, I’ll just let her pick what interests her—just like she picked ballet.

That’s the point, after all. She’s got to love what she’s doing, or she’ll never stick it out.


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