Pop-Pop’s Village

Kristi Funderburk of the (Cumberland Co. NJ) describes how a father’s memory has been preserved in an amazing Christmas village:

Spread out across a large board is a tradition built over 30 years; a tradition dubbed “Pop-Pop’s Village” that a son plans to continue in honor of his late father who started it.

Little drummer boys spin in time chiming bells to the tune of classic Christmas carols. Windows on the small collection of houses and stores illuminate a tiny village in wintertime. And everywhere small figurines represent common scenes of the season like bringing home the Christmas tree, building a snowman or buttoning up a child’s coat.

Everything sits on one large board that his father, Charles Bylone, designed so extension cords for each house didn’t ruin the scene by snaking across it.

I had a Christmas village when I was kid. We came across it last year shortly after my mom passed away. I even found the little mirror she gave me for the ice-covered pond.

It was nothing like “Pop-Pop’s Village,” but it brought back some wonderful memories.

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