I Guess I’m a Pioneer

Secret thoughts of a new dad from, reprinted on the Kansas City Star’s website. Among his observations:

“Being a full-time dad, I spend a lot of time at coffee shops with Finn while the wife’s at work. I’m not sure what it was like before, but it feels like the Great Recession has thrust the primary-caregiving dad from avant-Euro oddity into banal commonality. I’d estimate that the midday stroller-jockey demographic in my ‘hood runs 50 percent nanny, 30 percent moms, and 20 percent dads. I’d better start brushing up on the feature differences between the Bugaboo and the Orbit stat so I can keep up with the small talk.”

I’ve been a stay-at-home dad since 2006, so I guess I’m a pioneer of sorts. I recall feeling a lot lonelier back then as the only dad in a room full of moms. They would inevitably congregate together, while I felt like an outcast.

A lot has changed in the last five years. I’ve got a lot more company, so no one looks at me weird anymore. Best of all for new dads, most men’s restrooms now feature changing tables. I can’t count how many times I changed my baby daughter on a changing pad on the floor.

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